Women & Girls in Astronomy Poster


To celebrate Women & Girls in Astronomy throughout 2019, we invite you to share and use this poster for your IAU100 events.

The poster and banner display the title"Women & Girls in Astronomy" and the IAU100 logo. The poster additionally contains the text"Organize or join an event worldwide to celebrate women and girls in astronomy!", this website url, "inclusive-astronomy.org", and the hashtags "#IAU100 #WomenInAstronomy #WomenInSTEM". The bottom of the poster displays the six IAU100 Global Partners: AURA, The Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation, Leiden University, NAOJ, NOAO, and NSF.

The graphics depict a gathering of children and adults listening to the wisdom of ancient and contemporary women in astronomy and space science from around the world. From left to right, the back row illustrates China’s Qing dynasty astronomer Wang Zhenyi (1768 –1797), Soviet cosmonaut and first woman in space Valentina Tereshkova (born 1937), pioneering American astronomer Vera Rubin (1928 - 2016), and 16th Century Danish observational astronomer Sophie Brahe (1559 - 1643). In the middle of the front row stands the ancient Hellenistic astronomer Hypatia (350 - 415 AD).


Surrounding these women stands a woman with a head scarf and breast cancer awareness pin, a little boy in a cosmonaut suit holding a planet with a ring system in his hands, a young person with a white cane, a young woman wearing glasses with a service dog in a working harness, a little girl in a saree, a little girl in a hoodie and pigtails, and a woman in a pink hijab and wheelchair with a woman standing behind her. This graphic represents just a small fraction of the history and diversity within the astronomy community.

The poster and banner were created by Aneta Margraf-Druc.

Download our Women & Girls in Astronomy Poster and Banner below: