IAU Women and Girls in Astronomy Project

Image description: Illustration of pioneering astronomer Wang Zhenyi (1768 –1797) of China’s Qing dynasty. 

Image credit: Aneta Margraf-Druc

The IAU will celebrate Women and Girls in Astronomy throughout the year, in addition to commemorating Women and Girls in Astronomy Day on February 11th, 2019 in tandem with the United Nations’ International Day of Women and Girls in Science. Beyond 11 February, we encourage events throughout the year to celebrate women and girls.


We invite everyone to get involved by running events in your local community. Some ideas for events include:

  • Holding public talks and outreach events featuring women astronomers

  • Bringing women astronomers into classrooms

  • Activities and workshops with students’ and children's’ clubs, such as after school science clubs, scouting clubs

  • Field trips for girls to science centers and planetariums

  • “Astronomy on Tap” public events in pubs and bars featuring women astronomers

  • Online or in-person Question and Answer sessions between women astronomers and students

  • Networking and mentoring events for undergraduate and graduate women astronomers

  • Public stargazing with women astronomers


In addition to the worldwide events on February 11th, we encourage events and activities throughout the month of February and the whole year to celebrate women in astronomy.


If you would like to put on an event and need support or guidance, don’t hesitate to reach out via the Contact page!


Image description: IAU100 Women and Girls in Astronomy official poster  depicting a gathering of children and adults listening to the wisdom of ancient and contemporary women in astronomy and space science from around the world

Image credit: Aneta Margraf-Druc

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About the Project

The Women & Girls in Astronomy Project aims to to celebrate girls and women in astronomy - by encouraging girls to consider careers in astronomy and by celebrating women astronomers. However, this project goes beyond a female-focus; it is equally important to teach boys that girls can be astronomers, too, and rally men in astronomy to actively support their women colleagues.


Women face barriers in accessing astronomy that intersect with other forms of discrimination - for example, women of color, women with disabilities, and girls in underserved communities face unique challenges that cannot be addressed through a “gender-only” lens.


Therefore, we encourage everyone interested in gender equality in astronomy to promote an intersectional, inclusive framework that lifts up all members of our community.


We encourage all who are curious to learn more to explore our Resources section!

Women & Girls in Astronomy Contest

A new prize has been established for event organisers who conduct an activity for the Women and Girls in Astronomy Project. This prize will recognize and celebrate the efforts of event organizers worldwide who promote women and girls in astronomy through the organization of innovative, creative, accessible, and sustainable public outreach events.


To participate in the contest, event organisers are invited to register their eligible event(s) with IAU100 and submit an evaluation form after their event concludes for consideration in this contest. One winning event organizer will be invited to the IAUS 358 Symposium "Astronomy for Equity, Diversity and Inclusion" in Tokyo, Japan and receive funding to cover registration, travel, and accommodation costs. Click here to read the full contest details and enter your event.

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