Inclusive Astronomy is a yearlong, worldwide initiative to celebrate and promote inclusivity, equity, and diversity in astronomy in 2019.

Inclusive Astronomy events and activities will support:

  • Girls and minorities by encouraging students to consider careers in astronomy and by supporting women and minority scientists in astronomy careers.

  • Blind, deaf, and disabled students and scientists through the organization of accessible and inclusive events and the promotion of accessible teaching practices.

  • Underrepresented groups in astronomy, including Indigenous communities and underserved students.

  • Equitable and inclusive work environments by promoting best practices to support underrepresented groups in professional astronomy.

  • An intersectional framework for equity and diversity that supports and welcomes all members of the astronomy community.

Image description: A group of Polish kindergarten children explore the solar system with an orrery. Photo credit: UNAWE

Join us in celebrating our first global event:

IAU100 Women & Girls in Astronomy

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